Project Details

Central Park Housing Scheme is destined to present a land that will become timeless heritage in the coming decades. This scheme has been planned for a prosperous future covers approximately 9,500 Kanals of land; Central park is located at Ferozepur Road Lahore. We are well versed with problem of drinking water, so to cope up with this problem, keeping in view the importance of pure drinking water and concerns with your good health, we provide drinking water, with huge filtration plant for hygienic concerns and betterment of your health. We provide arrangement for several of matrimonial functions and events of our valued residents, we steadfast our services in numerous religious and country festivals also. The energy short fall is nation’s big bar in progress and this short fall has fetched nation’s peace and calm, so keeping in view the energy crises, we are developing society’s own grid station and also energizing solar street lights for brighter roads at night.



  • Iconic Sundial
  • Beatuful Lake
  • Water Fall
  • Cricket Ground
  • Wide Road Network from 40 feet to 150 feet wide fully Carpeted Roads
  • Public Transport & Shuttle Bus Service From Central Park Housing Scheme to Gajjumatta
  • Operational Markets & Commercial Areas
  • Resturants & Fast Food Points
  • Cinema Mall (Commencing Soon)

What We Have?

  1. 500 Kanals Park for
  2. Sports
  3. Social activities
  4. Kids Corner
  5. Beautiful Lake
  6. Family size sitting arrangement
  7. Jogging Track
  8. Gorgeous Horiticulture
  9. Sun dial
  10. Cafeteria
  11. Public wash rooms
  12. Enormous car parking
  13. Cash & Carry Departmental Store
  14. Masjid in A & B block.

Key Features

  1. 40 feet to 150 feet Carpeted Roads
  2. Water Supply from Filteration Plant
  3. All basic facilities including Electricity, Water, Gas & Sewerage System
  4. 24 Hours Security System i.e.
  5. 65 Security Guards with defensive equipment
  6. Vigilance patrolling
  7. E-tags for cars
  8. Security Cameras checking systems
  9. Pass system for house servants
  10. Servants verification from Police station
  11. 24 Hours Public Transport
  12. Commercial Area
  13. Marriage Lawn

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